• Tsukiji Honinji

  • Tsukiji Market

  • Hamarikyū Imperial Garden

  • The Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo Station

  • Ginza street

DJ Hostel Ginza is very convenient for traveling to Tsukiji, Ginza, Tokyo station, etc. as a base for Tokyo sightseeing.

Walking around Hatchobori

  • Teppozuinarijinja
    It is a very old shrine in Minato Chuo-ku.

  • Oiwa Inari Tamiya Shrine
    Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan Shrines with tradition of "Miss Oiwa".

  • Chuo-ku Minato Park
    The park on the bank of the Sumida River

  • Ohnoya Sohonten
    A long-established store handling Tabi.

There are other recommended places.
When staying at DJ Hostel Ginza, please enjoy a walk around Hatchobori.

近There are many convenience stores and restaurants nearby. If you go to Ginza you can choose from a lot more shops.


From the airport
Narita Airport→Keisei bus・Tokyo Shuttle→Tokyo St.→Hatchobori Boarding time 1 hour 5 minutes
Haneda airport→Keikyu Airport Line→Sengakuji→Higashiginza→Hatchobori Boarding time 29 minutes
To Mt. Fuji
Hatchobori→Tokyo→Otsuki→Fujisan Station Train ride time 2 hours 31 minutes+Bus until the Gogoume stop
Hatchobori→Tokyo「Shinkansen」→Shin-Fuji Station Train ride time 55 minutes+Bus until the Gogoume stop
Hatchobori→Shinjuku→Express bus→Fuji Subaru Line Gogoume Boarding time Approximately 2 hours 40 minutes
To Tokyo Disneyland
Hatchobori→Maihama Boarding time 14 minutes