• Front Desk

  • Shared lounge

  • Shared Lounge・eat and drink

  • Japanese style lounge

  • Large TV

  • Icemaker/water server/microwave oven

Three types of shared lounge, a large TV and relaxing sofa, stylish high chair and high table · Japanese style room, please spend your favorite place.

The food and drink area is equipped with a mini kitchen that you can use for 24 hours freely, crash ice (ice machine), water server, microwave oven pot, toaster and dishes are also available for free.


  • Male shower room wash basin

  • Women's shower room Wash basin

  • Shared shower room(By male / female)

  • Coin laundry

There is a shower room, a washbasin, and a coin laundry separately for men and women on the basement floor.
There is a chair on the wash basin for women.

Washing machine(Including detergent)once 300yen
Clothes dryerHalf an hour 100yen


  • vending machine

  • Bottled milk

Snacks, alcohol and soft drinks are sold at vending machines. After shower! Bottled milk is also popular.

Free for rent

  • Straight hair iron nanocare
  • Curl hair iron nanocare
  • Nail clippers
  • Sewing set
  • Battery Charger
  • Fan
  • Clothing Iron

Paid rent item

Bath towerOne towel 100yen
In-house gown(S,M,L)One gown 300yen
Yukata(Men's・ladies')One Yukata 1,000yen/one day

Sales items

International ladies' amenity set1 set 200yen
International men's amenity set1 set 200yen
Foot relax sheet1 sheet 150yen
Ladies RazerOne 100yen
Chopsticks training equipmentOne 350yen
Hot eye maskOne 100yen
Cosmetics1 set 250yen
Earplug1 set 50yen
EyemaskOne 100yen